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Jan 20, 2010 9:00am EST
. martha: scott brown and his supporters are ready to see him go to washington, right now. listen to this. >> [chanting] >> the people, as you know by the votes, have now filled the office themselves and i'm ready to go to washington, without delay. martha: all right, but that will not happen today. there are procedural hurdles that need to be cleared first. massachusetts state law allows ten days to certify the results. that's to make sure there aren't igregularity that is could alter the outcome, among them the certification of absentee ballots from servicemen overseas, as soon as that certification comes in, brown will be sworn in. bill: meantime, some interesting election poll numbers into fox done by telephone, 61 percent of brown voters say the decifit reduction is more important than health care reform, that poll conducted by ras mussence reports and it surveyed about 1000 massachusetts voters who took part in the special senate election. we'll examine those can karl rove in a matter of moments. martha: brown's victory brings the number of republicans in the senate to 41. that's an
Jan 29, 2010 5:00pm EST
think, that we'll see 1 to 3 inches of snow here in the immediate washington area. for you folks into southern maryland, that is southern parts of charles county, st. marys county, three, maybe some places more than six inches. especially down towards fredericksburg. i still think only a 20% chance of a major storm for us here in washington. that starts mid-morning around the washington area. one thing that's for sure, it will be a very light fluffy snow. and easy to deal with. not snow-making weather kind of snows. we will be right on the fringe and right on the edge of a major snowroducer for southern maryland and even the border area around the norfolk area. back to you. >> we'll check back in a bit. bob, thank you. >>> folks south of the city can expect to see more of the snow. live in prince william county now with a look at how folks between there and richmond are getting ready. julie? >> hi, jim. i'm in the woodbridge area. no doubt there's a few milk and bread runs being waged as people prepare for what may be on the way tomorrow. it seems like the farther south you go on
Jan 15, 2010 7:00pm EST
edition of "the kudlow report," we'll review the washington assault on stocks on wall street and go money and politics. political favoritism, crony capitalism and their negative effect of stocks which suffered in the new year. >>> but an earthquake may be forming in massachusetts where republican scott brown's tax cutting opposition to obama care could pull off one of the greatest political upsets in history against democrat, martha coakley since the truman beat dewey. that could stop the tax and spend virus including the obama care's latest bribe to exempt big labor from the so-called "cadillac insurance tax" until 2018 while the rest of us stiffs have to pay for it. in an era of obama political favoritism this is a new low. fasten your seatbelts, everybody. "the kudlow report" begins right how.ç good evening. i'm larry kudlow. welcome back. we believe that free market capital similar still the best path to prosperity. tonight we'll review the washington assault on stocks and wall street. tonight's money politics message, no wonder stocks had their worst week in the new year. the index
FOX News
Jan 2, 2010 11:30pm EST
, washington d.c., and shanksville, pennsylvania. was it a high point or a low point for media coverage? i mean, it really was the story of the decade, wasn't it? >> well, at that point i was working at the new york times, which won i think seven pulitzers for the coverage we did, lead up to that horrific event. i think it was an amazing period for news, jon, i think that everybody finally caught up with the story of the formation of militants groups like al-qaeda, the names that we now take for granted that we're seeing all over the world, we began to understand that they were really up to, and it was a moment of incredible challenge for the media and i think they rose pretty well to it at the beginning. >> jon: i remember the feeling of unity that came out of those attacks and it lasted a while. >> yeah. >> jon: it seems to be gone now. >> it does indeed. i agree with everything that judy said. i think that it's important to remember that the media had ample opportunities to cover the story, to connect the dots before 9/11. i interviewed tom fenton, then just retired from cbs news who had w
FOX News
Jan 16, 2010 4:00am EST
all-star and the friday lightning round. "special report" starts now. welcome to washington. i'm jim angle in for bret baier. some 10,000 american troops expected in earthquake ravaged haiti by monday as the world mobilizes a mantarian crusade for the living and tries to dig out the dead. correspondent steve harrigan is live in port-au-prince. good evening, steve. >> jim, when all the buildings has been knocked down, use the street for everything, for a home, bathroom and for some it's become a cemetery. we are seeing a rescue operation right here on the side of the road. it's ordinary nations using their own bear hands to try to pull people of the of the rubble. in this case, for this woman, it looks like they've gotten here too late. the basics here still aren't getting done like picking up bodies. a corpse in the road covered with flies. no one has moved the corpse but they set up a number of stones as a roadblock to keep the cars from running over the dead bodies. >> a lot of people are trying to get word to our mother. we're fine. not all of us, but we're fine. we left the house
Jan 31, 2010 10:30am EST
of pennsylvania, south dakota's republican senator john thune and we'll bring in ann corn of the "washington post" and jim vandehei of politico for analysis. and then i'll have a final thought on the age of miracles or maybe it's not. captioning sponsored by cbs "face the nation" with cbs news chief washington correspondent bob schieffer. and now from washington, bob schieffer. >> schieffer: good morning again from snowy washington. governor granholm is in her home state of michigan. senator thune is in south dakota. with us inside the belt way, inside the studio governor barbour and governor rendell. in a place where they're not often, here. welcome to both of you. i want to start this morning with something the president said on friday. when he visited a conference of house republicans and told them that all the tough talk in the... and the partisan rhetoric is making it harder for the two sides to work together. >> we have to be careful about what we say about each other sometimes because it boxes us in in ways that makes it difficult for us to work together because our constituents start beli
Jan 29, 2010 6:00pm EST
the washington area tomorrow. no problems tonight. but into southern maryland and even fredericksburg, could be as much as 6 inches, maybe even a bit more. the major impact will be southern virginia, the carolinas, and down in the tide water areas too. for us, it will be a light snow that will not be causing any major problems. but once again, we're really on the edge and a shift a few miles north and south to make a big difference with this storm. i'll tell you all the details, the time line, what the outlook is for sunday too when i join you. >> thank you, bob. >>> today president obama sparred with republicans on their own turf. he accepted an invitation to speak at the gop retreat in baltimore. he also proposed a new jobs program. both moves are part of his promise to focus on the economy and on bipartisanship. there was some good news on the way about economic growth in the last quarter. steve handelsman is on capitol hill now with more on all this. hi, steve. >> thanks, good evening, if you like politics and so many of us in this town do. you had to love this. this face-off in baltimor
Jan 4, 2010 11:00pm EST
: speculation about the burgundy and gold's future filled washington's airwaves. out with the old and in with who? radio host and former redskins linebacker levar arrington is cautionly optimistic about a mike shanahan coaching change. >> he wants things done his way. if he's able to come in here and do things his way, do they have an opportunity? i think they have a fair shot of being successful. >> reporter: fans also have a wait and see outlook. they say they're tired of having their hearts broken. >> is john elway coming back, too? if we can get elway, it will be great. >> we'll see. time will tell. mike shanahan has what i call a retread. i think the redskins are going to the abyss. >> reporter: this seemingly covert operation, the wheeling and dealing, in the end, some wonder if a new gm and coach will bring the big "w." based on his past experiences, arrington isn't so sure. >> to insinuate that they won't get micromanaged because they're not those type of guys might sound good, but we all know once you sign on the dotted line, you know the story. whoever decides to be the
Jan 8, 2010 5:00pm EST
buses in fairfax struggled to be on schedule as the washington region confronted ice, snow, and cold winds and temperatures. this man used his leaf blower to blow away the light dusting of snow. most roads in the district, even ones with steep hills, were reported mostly clear of snow and ice as the colder evening approached. just in the last few minutes, we've seen two men walk by in bermuda shorts. we don't know what they're thinking. wendy, i was out here. there are a lot of people with those recyclable bags. lots and lots of people have them. at least they have something to put their gloves in when they buy them because it's so cold. >> people are starting to make a connection. that's great. thank you, tom. >>> in virginia, there were no major problems today, but now officials are asking for federal help with snow removal costs. they've spent between 30 and $35 million for snow removal this winter. during last month's historic blizzard alone, they spent $11 million in northern virginia. despite the costs, officials don't expect any budget cuts. in montgomery county, snow covered
FOX News
Jan 23, 2010 2:30pm EST
with their left leaning views. americans say they want less government, but is one big paper in washington keeping that a secret? is this who we think it is? how does the national inquirer get these pictures? >> hold up, hold up, hold it, ho hold. >> jon: after a year with president obama has his relationship with the press taken a turn? >> no, no, old on, hold on, hold on. >> jon: on the panel this week, writer and fox news contributor judy miller, syndicated columnist cal thomas, jim pinkerton, fellow new american foundation and news day columnist. and i'm jon scott, fox news watch is on right now. >> my assessment of not just about massachusetts, but the mood around the country, you know, the same thing that swept scott brown in office, swept me into office. people are angry and they're frustrated. not just because of what's happened in the last year or two years, but what's happened over the last eight years. >> jon: president obama's reaction there on wednesday to a big democratic loss the night before, losing former senator kennedy's senate seat to republican scott brown, making big headline
Jan 8, 2010 9:30pm EST
. welcome to a busy new year tonight on "washington week." now in h.d. >> ultimately the buck stops with me. as president, i have a solemn responsibility to protect our nation and our people. when the system fails it is my responsibility. >> i told the president today, i let limb down. i told him that i will do better and he will do better as a team. >> at the end of the week, one thing is clear. there's plenty of blame to go around as officials search for explanation at the white house, in a detroit courtroom and on capitol hill and at the central intelligence agency. morning the loss of seven of its own in afghanistan. on the domestic front, politician rules the day as leading democrats leave the fray. >> there are moments for each elected public official to step aside and let someone else step up. this is my moment to step aside. gwen: health care negotiations go behind closed doors. >> mr. president, i'm sorry to say that first time in american history, for the first time in american history a mill party has chosen to stand on the sidelines. >> i don't think we're on the sidelines in an
Jan 18, 2010 4:30am EST
's college basketball teams in washington, d.c. the melee happened as georgetown and louisville were warming up. a georgetown player reportedly tripped a louisville player who was running laps, sparking a scuffle which had athletes trading punches. since it happened an hour before the game, no penalties were assessed. georgetown went on to win. >>> food and supplies were lacked onto a luxury cruiseliner but not for vacationers. they are using ships to transport it there. 80 pal ets supplies were loaded onto the cruise ship bound for the earthquake-torn country. >>> the main attraction at a sportsman's show in minnesota wasn't large but made quite a splash. twiggy, the water skiing squirrel, showed off her amazing aquatic skills, wearing a tiny little life preserver. the adorable animal expertly displayed her unique talent. that's always video that makes you smile. >>> now for a look at your national and regional weather, here's nbc meteorologist bi karins with your weather channel forecast. twiggy never gets old. >> can she swim? let's talk about the temperatures out there. it continues to
Jan 6, 2010 6:00pm EST
coach of the washington redskins. the seventh head coach in 11 years. buttoned up, he was looking like a five-star general up there today. here you see bruce allen, mike shanahan, dan snyder walking out at the beginning of the press conference. >> quick question i asked dan snyder if he had had a chance to sleep and he said not a wink. >> i tell you, i think dan snyder is very excited. and i also think that dan snyder is going to take a step back in terms of control with mike shanahan because, you know, in denver they called him the mastermind. >> yeah. he was sitting there in the front row with the family instead of sitting up there on the podium. that was a nice change of pace. >> here is mike shanahan on some of today's festivities. >> i'm excited and honored to be the head coach of the washington redskins. you take a look at history, you take a look at the hall of fame, the great coaches, the great players. what an honor it is to be the head coach of this franchise. a very, very special place. super bowls, world championships. it's what you'd call a franchise that has a great histo
Jan 7, 2010 5:00pm EST
of the case, but someone comes in from virginia carrying a handgun into the city of washington. that's against the law. >> yes, it is. >> reporter: in the paper, "washington post" columnist mike wise reports that during that incident, javaris crittenton also had a gun and the gun was loaded. lindsay czarniak talked to wise today. >> what can people take from what you reported as far as eye-witness reports? >> i think that they'll understand that things were a lot more volatile in that locker room than people originally believed. and that child's play, a silly prank, went way beyond what most people consider to be a practical joke. >> reporter: javaris crittenton has said he has done nothing wrong. so what happens now? that is likely to be decided behind the walls of this arena. the u.s. attorney's office. where prosecutors will decide what, if any, charges to bring in this controversial case. i'm pat collins, news4 washington. >> now, chief lanier expects the investigation to be wrapped up soon. >>> president obama talked about the attempted terror attack christmas day in detroit, over detroit
Jan 22, 2010 5:00pm EST
. more in washington, our temperature, 41 degrees. some mid-30s, above freezing at winchester. later on tonight, we'll see as the skies continue to clear the wet spots could get slick. so watch out for that. nothing on radar. matter of fact, elkins, 45 degrees. there was that morning little mix to our west, all moving off. area of storminess beginning to pull away. we dry out and a pleasant but 50/50 weekend coming up. so the skies continue to clear overnight. a lot of sunshine on tap for your saturday. i'll tell you the details on what will be following that for sunday. some more wet weather. i'll tell you the details about the weekend on into the next week. back to you. >> thanks, bob. >>> now to the lates out of haiti. survivors and rescuers continue defying the odds today. an 84-year-old woman was pulled from the rubble alive after being trapped for ten days now. doctors are still working to save her life because she's in bad condition. there's also word that another man has been rescued in the cathedral area of port-au-prince. rescue teams have saved an estimated 122 people. 16
Jan 25, 2010 2:00pm EST
>>> it is 2:00 on wall street and in washington, where even a shockingly bad piece of data on home sales is not holding stocks back yet. the market celebrating sanity in washington, even if brief. today about ben bernanke's potential nomination. it is 1:00 p.m. in dallas where at&t ceo randall stevenson is pondering therapy, tackling what life would be like without steve jobs if steve divorces randall, is at&t a sell? it is 11:00 in seattle where right now homeowners are making payments on mortgages that significantly exceed the value of their homes. there a double standard hurting american homeowners. companies stop paying bad loans and renegotiating them. we'll tackle that. welcome to the show. "street signs." it's a monday. thank you for spending an hour with us. we want to get straight to the trading floors and find out whether you should feel calm and good about the rally or not. bob pisani at big board. david lutz on the stifel nicolaus trading floor. >> reporter: you should feel calm but not complacent. three points i would make. stocks have rebounded today but it's an overs
Jan 19, 2010 11:00am EST
in northwest washington. they're holding a candlelight vigil there. it will start at 4:30. there will be a moment of silence at 4:53, the moment the quake struck. and you can find out how you can help the victims of the earthquake in haiti on our website at you'll find a list of organizations that will be collecting donations. let's take a look outside right now. looks like we have a nice day shaping up. started off pretty chilly. tom kierein can tell us what to expect. >> a view of the white house. we have some sunshine breaking out. as we take a look at the temperatures around the region, we're warming up. we're above average, the seventh day in a row with above-average temperatures. now 45 in washington. near 50 in prince george's county. in fairfax, arlington, and montgomery counties, we're in the mid-40s as well. mid-40s across much of virginia. charlottesville, all the way up to 55. out in the mountains now, they're in the mid-40s, eastern shore, upper 40s now. southern virginia, into the carolinas, the mid-50s. so certainly a mild weather patte
Jan 25, 2010 11:00pm EST
. because what occurred in washington was obviously much more powerful than any of the earnings report, any of the revenue reports, anything wall street threw at us. boy did we get serious good quarters in almost every sector last week. and they were still overwhelmed by the negativity. >> dive, dive, dive. >> all right, there's some important lessons here. first, when everyone thinks the world is coming to an end, it tends not to end. we feared the worst, right? we feared the worst. you know what, when we fear that we rarely get the worst. >> house of pleasure. >> but i want to be clear on this. a nixing of ben bernanke would have caused at least a thousand-point decline. he's regarded basically as the only adult in the room. the guy who may have started late to solve the banking crisis but did keep the system working kept your atm on the move. prevented imminent bank nationalization. i think it's safe to say we would be several thousand points lower than we are if not half if he hadn't stopped the move to nationalize the banks. second, this is the real travesty. until last week america th
Jan 6, 2010 4:00pm EST
rejoice. the washington redskins have a new head coach. what mike shanahan is saying about his plans to lead the team to victory. >>> signed, seal, and today he was delivered. hello, everybody. i'm jim hanley. >> i'm wendy rieger. >>> first we have breaking news about washington wizards star gilbert arenas. let's go live to lindsay and dan. what happened today? >> hey, guys. nationally this has been a much bigger story than the mike shanahan issue. today, gilbert arenas has been suspended indefinitely by nba commissioner david stern. due to his ongoing conduct, gilbert arenas not fit to take the court in an nba game. i think anybody that saw the sports page this morning, gilbert's clowning around is not helping his cause. >> it's not. people look at different things that he does as far as the social networking, the twitter. i think that the powers that be obviously look at the kind of behavior that he has besides the incident that they are disciplining him for. they say there is an issue that has to be taken care of. >> gilbert brought some guns into the locker room, played a p
Jan 13, 2010 6:00pm EST
yet. right now we are working together, all haitians in washington, virginia and maryland like we did last time during the hurricanes. to help our brothers in haiti. >> reporter: he and other local leaders met with the republic's ambassador to the united states to get updated and brainstorm relief plans. >> we participated in the revolutionary war of the united states. we helped you guys. in latin america, we helped simon bolivar to liberate the boliviancountries. today we are seeking the same solidarity. >> reporter: raymond joseph says it's been non-stop meeting with the state department and ting to speak with haiti's president whose palatial home was levelled. >> in the palace, it has been hit that hard. just the flimsy, flimsy abode hanging on the heels around port-au-prince must be just like cardboard. >> reporter: the numbers of dead and injured are staggering given the level of catastrophe. it's not surprising to those who know the country well. >> port-au-prince was built for a population of 50,000. and today, in and around port-au-prince we have 2 million people. and a lot of
Jan 14, 2010 5:00pm EST
washington wizards star gilbert arenas. this afternoon, arenas was charged with a felony. he now faces up to five years in prison. pat collins joins us live outside d.c. superior court with more. pat? >> pat, this is the official document filed now in superior court. the defendant's name, gilbert arenas. the charge, carrying a pistol without a license. it's a felony that carries a maximum penalty of up to five years in jail. sources tell news4 that tomorrow, it's expected that gilbert arenas will walk into this courthouse, appear before a judge where it's expected that he may enter a plea of guilty to this one count of carrying a pistol without a license. his defense team hoping to avoid any jail time. hoping to put this criminal case behind arenas so he can get back to playing basketball for the nba. now, this all started last month when arenas brought four guns from his home in virginia to the locker room at the verizon center. then came that day, december 21st. a confrontation over a gambling debt. arenas pulls out those guns. december 24th, christmas eve, he turns the guns over to the
Jan 20, 2010 6:00am EST
's on the table in washington. because of the lack of -- and, again, it's not because of the lack of voter in at the ele er . it is because it hadn't been explained adequately enough when people are more worried about their ticket, their job. >> and i was moved by the fact that scott brown mentioned teddy kennedy. i knew at the same time that he would be upsetting some of the people in his base that voted against teddy kennedy every opportunity they had, and it just struck me that tonight, or last night he was riding high, just like barack obama was a year ago this is where it gets tough for a republican in massachusetts. just like it got tough for barack obama, just like scott brown, he was an agent of change. >> you know, before we go to this. your take on that is really interesting. my take was similar to your take. listen to scott brown listen to teddy kennedy. what's going through my mind is scott brown spoke more at length and more glowingly of ted kennedy than martha coakley did on the stump during her campaign. >> your right. >> unbelievable. >> and last night, very telling that th
FOX News
Jan 9, 2010 11:30pm EST
who of course is the founder of c-span. who in 30 years in washington has never been known to take a political stand on anything. he's very neutral. yet, he said -- he wrote a letter he said i think the obama has played us as a political football, c-span to talk about how open and transparent they were. once they elected they pull the plug. >> is that going to bring any more transparency to the process? >> no. this was an impossible promise. obama i believe knew it was when he was saying it. if you had the negotiations broadcast on c-span they would be -- there would be private prenegotiations where the real wheeling and dealing went on. this stuff always happens in secret and has to. >> the only person who would be watching any negotiations on c-span is jim pinkerton. >>> time for a look at the tea party story now. >> learn to speak tea bag. finally, learning a new language doesn't have to be hard. you can be fluent in conversational tea bag in a few short minutes. lesson one, don't get distracted by the confusing words of other languages. >> i think the public option and the prop
Jan 30, 2010 11:00am EST
of snow from washington, d.c. as we look at the white house where there is a steady snow falling. washington, d.c. was just upgraded to a winter storm warning. areas of virginia could see anywhere from eight to 12 inches of snow and of course snow, sleet and ice left two thirds of the country in a deep freeze. winter storm warnings from eastern tennessee to virginia. let's get the latest on the storm developments from nbc's meteorologist ginger zee who's taking the storm for us. it's been busy. good morning. >> it's been a busy three days with this storm. it started in texas. oklahoma felt it. they have power outages there. as you mentioned, winter storm warnings exist in virginia and north carolina. just slightly west from that region. so you can see the coral color. that's where the worst of the storm will be today. now, it is moving quickly. that's good news. you can see here the snowy end in virginia and north now. it's mostly got an eastern track. there is a high pressure system above it that's blocking it out from areas like boston and new york. now, it's going to leave nit
Jan 27, 2010 9:00pm EST
. >>> from nbc news, the state of the union address. live from washington, here is brian williams. >> good evening from capitol hill. it is the third time he has spoken to a joint session of congress, but it is the first time as president that barack obama has delivered the state of the union address. it is safe to say it is a different speech than the one he might have delivered a week or so ago before a republican won special election to the seat held by ted kennedy in massachusetts for almost half a century. outside of washington in america, the voters are angry and the president knows it. there is some fury over bailouts and big bankers and big bonuses and no jobs. tonight, at the end of his first year in office, he gets to sum up the job and look at the future. as you can see, the chamber is already filling as members of the cab a net and white house staff file in. the first lady, michelle obama, is greeting her guests in the first lady's box in the gallery. for our coverage, david gregory and andrea mitchell are in the studio. chuck todd across town in the nbc washington new
Jan 19, 2010 6:00pm EST
majority is broken. we're closer to the state known as gridlock that takes washington out of the investment equation. a brown victory could spell the end of health care reform. but that's only just the beginning. this is about more than health care. as you can see from the fact that the whole market is rallying, not just health care stocks. the truth is -- let's cut to the truth. all right? not a lot of talk about the truth. let's give you some truth here. the market doesn't like the agenda president obama and the current democrat regime. they see it at pro labor making it easier to unionize against the banks and walmart. whatever your feelings on organized labor the interest of unions are opposed to those of the shareholders, you. that's why pundits say to look for the union label and sell. we don't invest in shares the aflcio or mime workers. we invest when unions are weak? don't like it? take your profits from the scott brown, slash, obama repudiation ral land donate to the pension fund for all i care. how about the iww? obama's agenda a favors stopping pollution over jump starting the e
Jan 5, 2010 4:00pm EST
but updated lists are not yet deployed. i'm steve handelsman, nbc news, washington. >> we are waiting for president obama to speak. we'll bring that to you as soon as he comes out. >>> there was a security scare in bakersfield, california, today. a checked bag tested positive for possible traces of hazardous materials. two tsa workers were reportedly overcome by fumes from the substance. the airport was evacuated and flights in and out of the airport were suspended. a hazmat team determined the substance was not explosive. >>> tonight, secret service is investigating a third person who was able to crash the white house state winner last november. the "washington post" identified the uninvited guest as carlos allen, a d.c. party promoter. allen is founder of hush society magazine. he was a guest here in november when he discussed his organization's plan to provide thanksgiving dinner to the less fortunate. allen reportedly came into the party with the indian delegation. secret service is trying to determine how the salahis got into that dinner. the president was never in any danger bec
Jan 14, 2010 4:00pm EST
ining that national security front. for that, we go to pete williams in our washington newsroom. pete? >> brian, the department of homeland security says it's taking additional steps to increase aviation security. we're told this is in response to new intelligence indicating that al qaeda in yemen is planning another attack on the u.s. these steps include variations on what's been done since the discovery of the christmas-day bomb plot. the homeland security secretary janet napolitano says these new measures will increase the time it takes to get through security, especially for flights from overseas into the u.s., brian. >> all right. pete williams on wt is now the other story we'll be covering when we join you for nbc "nightly news" on this nbc station later this evening. as we continue our coverage of this continuing humanitarian disaster, the aftermath of the 7.0 earthquake here in haiti. for my colleagues, i'm brian williams. nbc news, port-au-prince, haiti. >>> welcome back here to "news4 at 4." more now on our coverage of the earthquake in haiti. amid reports that the death tol
Jan 18, 2010 5:00pm EST
in washington, after collecting truckloads of clothes, toiletries and food, the haitian embassy is no longer accepting supplies. now there is a serious and growing need for otherinds of contributions. news 4 is live at the embassy with more on the next steps in a huge local relief effort. julie? >> well, hi, jim. a candidate the light vigil is going to get under way shortly, organized by the haiti relief committee. that group and d.c. officials were very busy dealing with supplies that came over the weekend. lucky for them, an army of volunteers also showed up to help. >>> by sunday night, a mountain of donations had piled up outside the haitian baem embassy. trucks rolled in to pick up over 2,000 bags and hundreds of broxs. this morning, this warehouse outside the old d.c. general hospital became the stage for the next phase of the operation. sorting the donations. about 700 volunteers responded to a call for help. dorenda bowers and her son drove in from port washington. >> we're dividing, sheets, pillow cases, baby sheets and baby blankets. we're the sheet department. >> inside the wareho
Jan 14, 2010 2:00pm EST
:00 in washington, where president obama say his wants our money back and he's going to get it. he calls wall street irresponsible, obscene, reckless. congressman barney frank here to weigh in. investors are ignoring washington's wrath. the dow is positive by 26 points. predict, dow 15,000, not even at 11 so far. too good to be true? we'll talk about that about. it's 1:00 in dallas, we'll flare the most outspoken member of the federal reserve. welcome to a very busy "street signs" on this thursday afternoon. i'm erin burnett. and we have some of the big of the people here on all of the issues joining us. congressman barney frank, fed president richard fisher and glenn hub board, all with us today. proposed bank tax by the white house and the use of the words obscene, reckless, distasteful by the president to describe certain practices on wall street. is this politics or not? joining us to talk about it, congressman barney frank, chairman of the house finances services committee. i want to begin with a comment or a quote here by the president, when he spoke about the bank tax he proposed this morning
Jan 4, 2010 4:00pm EST
. this weekend, though, the wind chills were 5 degrees to 10 degrees below zero. 25 the reading in washington, d.c. i-81, just a few flurries. the wind has eased up. so what can you expect this evening. once again it will be a cold night for us. we're talking about the possibility of snow coming up this week. >> you've got our attention. >> if you're outside for just a few minutes, you know it is bone chilling out there. news 4 megan's mcgraph spent the morning out in the bitter cold to see just how folks are coping. >> waiting and freezing at the bus stop. commuters who dressed in layers held their own. those who didn't were very cold. >> it's so cold. >> i have on a thermal, a fleece, another shirt. i have shorts on under these pants and the boots on. so it's no joke out here. >> reporter: factor in the wind chill and it felt like 10 degrees in some places. anything wet froze solid, including lanes of out of bounds branch avenue at best of your knowledge hill road. cars had to veer to the right to misa big patch of ice. >> maybe quarter of a mile. >> reporter: that sounds dangerous. >> it is.
Jan 27, 2010 6:00pm EST
washington does every speech. it becomes a speech of the lifetime. no doubt it's an important speech and it's an important speech because americans have been through a very difficult time and they're looking for a sense of what the future will hold. the president is going to talk about where we've been and where we're going and how we create jobs in this country that pay well, see wages grow, and secure the middle class again after this very difficult period we've been through. >> ifill: the president is expected to call for a three-year spending-- freeze on some domestic spending, and, yet also for an increase in education spending. how do you balance all that out? >> just like any family or business does, gwen. everybody in hard times has to make choices. you have to prioritize. you have to do without the things you can do without in order to pay for the things do you. education has to be a priority for this country because it's so much tied to the quality of life that our young people will live, and also the competitiveness of our country. so we have to make those investments. but we're
Jan 13, 2010 5:00pm EST
to be there for them inheir time of need. >>> tonight, the haitian embassy in washington has been in communications with officials in port-au-prince. they're working on plans to raise many for the victims of the earthquake. elaine reyes joins us live from northwest d.c. with more. elaine? >> communication has been spotty all day, but they are certainly doing their best. they have planned a candlelight vigil for 7:30 here tonight for anyone who wants to come out. i can tell you it's been very busy. the phones have been ringing off the hook with haitian-americans worried about their loved ones back home. helpless is what haitian-americans feel when watching images from their home country. >> when you pray you find your strength. we are praying and working hard to see what the best way to help our brothers and sisters in haiti is. >> reporter: he and other leaders met with the republic's ambassador to the united states to get updated and brainstorm relief plans. >> we participated in the revolutionary war of the united states. we helped you guys. in latin america, we helped simon bolivar to liberate h
FOX News
Jan 9, 2010 12:00pm EST
shively joins us from washington with details. hello, caroline. >> hello do you, brian. revenge in a just released videotape released the jordanian says that's why he killed operatives in afghanistan because they killed a pakistani taliban leader with a missile strike in august and says he turned down millions of dollars from the u.s. and jordan who wanted him to spy on other militants and the authenticity of the tape hasn't been confirmed by officials, but the father says it is his son. the man thought to be him taped the video shortly before he went on the u.s. base and blew up seven cia employees and himself in afghanistan. a pakistani television report says that the double agent shared jordanian and u.s. secrets with militants before the attack and says on the tape, quote, we will never forget the blood of our year, referring to the ted taliban leader, the jordanian tells other jihadists it's their duties to go after america hardest. >> this attack will be the first of the operation, against their team, afghanistan and pakistan border. >> washington post reports before the blast the v
FOX News
Jan 24, 2010 6:00am EST
, senate reconciliation, a buzz word, washington process word. what it means is trying to get some parts of the bill through with 51 votes, not 60, as they have tried to get needed in the past. is that likely? >> right. well, that basically entails starting over. it's the same thing for another option which is a stripped down bill where you might see a modest coverage expansion, so insurance, well, reforms is what they're called in the beltway. >> paul: right. >> they're pretty destructive, but at that really requires you to go back to the committees, it's not hold hearings, at least hold votes and there's all sorts of paradal trip wires everywhere and they have to decide if they want to spend another two months, three months on a health care plan that's really unpopular and the well is poisoned in a lot of ways or just do nothing and move to jobs and austerity budget. >> paul: dan, the other option, i think probably the best one politically, would be to take doug shone's advice, go back to republicans, see if you can get a half dozen or maybe ten or so on a stripped down bill and then t
Jan 8, 2010 8:00pm EST
, this is "washington week,with gwen ifill produced in association with nationa journal. corporate funding is proided by -- gwen: good evning. if aft a week like this, you were looking for sigs of how things changed when itomes to the dministration's approa to thattempted chrstmas day bombing, ok to language. presint obama was back to using the tm terrorist insead of etremist to describe the suspects and fter another typicly tart verbal asault from former viceresident cheney, he was taking pain to remind us that he's ot a ofty. >> were at war. we're at ar against al qaeda, far eaching netork of violence and mat red that attacked uson 91 and that kild 33,000 eople and is ploting to strike us again. we will dwhat it takes o defeatthem. gwen: peter baker as been lookingt the stance on terrorm and the imits ofits capabilits. when the president talks bout a dodged bullet, hesaw nea daster on christmas day an perhaps for h legacy an how people rememr him. right. imagine beg president of th unitedtates, whether you're george buh or barack obama that omething in the country ould happen that cometely changes
Jan 9, 2010 6:30pm EST
to a busy new ar tonight on "washington week." noin h.. >> ultimately the buck tops with me. aspresident, ihave a solemn responsibility to otect our nationnd our people. when the sytem fails its my responsibili. >i told the preident todayi let mb down. i told him that iwill do btter and e will better as a tam. >>t the end of the week, one thing is clar. there's plety of blame to go round as officials sech for planation at the whitehouse, in a detro courtroom an on capitol hill and at the cental intelligce agency. moing the loss of seven f its own in afghanitan. on the domestic front, politician rules the day as leadin democts leave the fray. >> ere are moments for each elected public oficial to step aside and let somee else sep up this is mymoment tostep aide. gwen: healtcare ngotiations behind closed doors. >> m presiden i'm sorry t say th first time in ameican history, for the rst time in american hisry a mill party has chosen o stand othe sidelines. >> i don't think we're the sidelines in any wa. gwen: part -- partnership heart -- har at wrk. andourguests. live from the natn's capio
Jan 21, 2010 6:00pm EST
, some freezing rain, primarily a rain event, though, for washington and the eastern and the southern suburbs. even there, there could be pockets of iciness. then it will be maybe ending as brief snow. those are the headlines as the moves out of here. not a big one, but the timing will make it icy with some slippery going and probably some delays for the morning rush hour. i'll tell you more about it and the timeline when i join you. back to you. >> thank you, bob. >>> a teacher at the sidwell friends school in northwest d.c. has been charged with sexual abuse of a minor. his name is robert peterson. he taught 7th and 8th grade at the school. he was arrested one week ago today. elaine reyes has more on this story from sidwell friends. elaine? >> jim, the investigation is actually going on for quite some time. school administrators suspended him before the school year even started then fired him last week. nothing happened on school property. he's charged in both montgomery county and queen anne county, maryland. 65-year-old robert peterson was a long-time middle school social studies
Jan 27, 2010 7:00am EST
of the viewing area. it is in effect for the potomac river in washington, d.c. due to the rains that we saw particularly upstream and the moon is going to be full on the 30th, i believe. so that is helpinto make those tides a little bit higher as well. let's take a look at the current temperatures around the region. right now, # 2 degrees in d.c. 27 in baltimore. 27 at dulles. ocean city is at 30 degrees. winchester is at 29 degrees. your sat lighted radar composite for the region, we've got a lot of sunshine out there but more clouds will be filtering their way in here during the course of the morning and later on today. so nice bright sunny start to the day. but more clouds later. your forecast for today looked like this. coastal flood warning in effect for the potomac river until 6:00 p.m. a mix of sun and clouds with se about where they should be. a high today of about 44 degrees. now, let's get an update on traffic. for that, we go to julie wright. >> we'll start off talking about the trip in virginia. we are noticing the ride on 66. not only do you slow between the two 24 interchanges
Jan 25, 2010 6:00am EST
will continue and the focus will continue out of washington, as well. you've got bernanke confirmation hearings expected. state of the union comes up tonight. right now, krooul crude oil up by 70.82. this is a survey among analysts. they are looking for the average oil price for 2010 to be 77.50 a barrel. this morning, yields are a little higher, 3.632%. and the dollar was up for the week last week, at least when you were looking against the euro. it was up by 1.7%. right now, it's down across the board. you're talking about the euro right now at 1.4189 and the yen at 90.24. gold prices, let's get a check on that, as well. gold saw pressure last week as we worried about some of those, the legislation coming out of washington. commodities across the board this morning, gold prices are backçó up by $14 to $1,103.70 a ounce. let's go to the overseas market right now. christine tan is in singapore. we're going to start things off in london with carolina. >> hi, becky. good morning. european shares were trading lower earlier today. but now we are seeing a partial recovery in banks in mining, which
Jan 25, 2010 5:00pm EST
. there's no correlation between what's coming out of washington and the technology fundamental story itself. it's a space you want to stay in. qualcomm is going to work, too, in this environment. that's what you want to focus on right now. >> the chatter for emc slash vmware is that somebody will come along, somebody with deep pockets will come along and snap up emc. >> that's a significant deal in any economy. i'm not saying it can't be done. i would be interested to see if it does get done. cisco clearly has the muscle behind them to do something like that. i'm not so sure it happens. joe likes emc. that's been a name we talked about. great call on that. bmware should help emc. back to names that work regardless of what's going on. yes, they go down. but overall those are names you still want to be in. >> 2010, it could be it. we are, of course, checking t i chart on apple. apple trading at the lows of the after hour session. let's check in with dr. jay on that conference call just moments ago. not anymore. but this is a very volatile tape. what are you hearing? >> reporter: they d
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